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  • Park & promenade

    You can see the park and promenade run by the town from Kimukyura.

    Shirahama beach is good, but snorkeling in the inland sea surrounded by coral is also recommended!
    If you are tired of swimming, why not take a break in this park?
  • Sea creatures

    Even if you do not dive in the sea, you can see various creatures in the coral reefs at low tide.

    It looks a bit grotesque ...
    You can even feel cute in the sea(*^^*)

    Please enjoy the world of such strange creatures!
  • fishing

    Kimukyura the sea in front of Kimukyura, you can see people fishing well.
    In such places, you can see such coral reefs everywhere without having to dive into the sea.
    Do you know where it is? ? ?
  • Aosa picking

    Island fun! It is gathering(From mid-March to early May)