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Kimukyura Restaurant

You can enjoy the best sashimi of Tokunoshima Island specialty, "Night Glow" and "Ise Shrimp".
  • Menu example

    Since the cartilage is boiled softly,
    This menu is popular with customers of all ages.
    • Luminous shellfish pasta
      In Japan, we used luminous shells that live from the Nansei Islands to Okinawa
      It is pasta full of flavor of luminous shellfish cooked softly.
    • Kimukyura Seafood Rice Bowl
      A popular dish with plenty of fresh seafood caught on the island,
      Enjoy with homemade sauce.
  • Welcome to "Kimukyura Restaurant"

  • Relaxing lunch while watching the sea from the window

  • If you take a step outside, you can overlook the wide sea

  • Miscellaneous goods sales